Coocoo WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Anti-ban version 2022

Are you bored or tired of using the same WhatsApp? Want to add some spice and customize it with some extra advanced-level features? Presenting you a free customized version of your original Whatsapp “The Coo Coo Whatsapp” has got many advanced level features for you.

It is a free version that enables you to communicate with your loved ones all around the globe. Whatsapp Mods are very trendy for android devices due to their tones of advanced level premium features for free. One such mod is Coo Coo Whatsapp designed and which got a lot of live themes to fulfill your customization needs at one click. With Coo Coo Whatsapp, you get to have so many filters and effects that you will not find on your original Whatsapp.

This article will guide you about everything related to Coo coo Whatsapp. In the end, you will be able to successfully download the anti-ban version of Coo Coo Whatsapp on your device. Download Coo Coo Whatsapp apk now by hitting the button below.

CoCo Whatsapp APK File Specifications

Android CapabilityAbove 4.0
Number of Downloads50,000
PurposeProviding more features than WhatsApp
App Size44.3 MB
RootNot Required
Date Updated1 Day Ago

Top Features of Coo Coo Whatsapp:

Here is a list of all the top premium features of Coo Coo Whatsapp. You can download app latest version apk file from this website.

  • Unique Main Interface

Coo coo Whatsapp has a slightly different main Interface than your original Whatsapp; you will notice some different and extra option there like:

1. You’ll see a floating button; if you tap on that button, you will access settings and contacts.

2. App built-in Dark mode

3. Option to turn off internet within WhatsApp application

  •  Privacy Features

Many privacy features in Coo Coo Whatsapp will attract you to download the app right now.

1. Users can hide their last seen plus online status from other people on Whatsapp

2. Hide the “forward message” tag while forwarding messages.

3. Anti-delete texts and status feature.

4. Hide your messages blue ticks, typing status, recording status while sending voice notes, and second ticks.

5. Call blocking feature to stop people from annoying you anytime

  •  Customize Appearance

Customize your WhatsApp appearance with different advanced features of Coo Coo Whatsapp; you can change the appearance of the upper and lower bar in your Whatsapp, Instagram similar story creating options, and much more.

  • Customize Call Interface

Coo Coo Whatsapp has multiple call interface options to choose from

  • Increase Sent Media Size    


You can share up to minutes length videos on your status which are limited to 30 sec on the original version. Also, the video file sharing size is increased from 16 MB to 80 MB in the conversations.


Coo Coo Whatsapp enables users to send up to 90 images at once instead of 30 images.

Both of these options are enabled from Coo Coo app settings rather than general settings.

  • Universal Settings

Coocoo Themes store

Coo Coo Whatsapp provides a whole package of unique live themes. Just choose the one you like and simply apply it to your app’s interface.

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Other Features of Coo Coo Whatsapp Apk

  • Make free video and audio call anywhere in the world
  • Create group chats with existing friends
  • Look pretty even on a video call with 70+ face beauty filters
  • Entirely different app from GBWhatsapp & FMWhatsapp
  • Gorgeous colorful interface
  • Anti-revoke option
  • Different blue ticks styles
  • Push-to-talk voice messages sending option
  • Log messages with visual voicemail
  • Ads-free app
  • Texture effects and beauty filters are available
  • Anti-ban version
  • WhatsApp web feature
  • All existing privacy features
  • Fully customizable app
  • Colorful backgrounds
  • Home page and chat page support
  • Upload and download your own themes
  • Auto-download status feature
  • DND mode

How to download and install Coco WhatsApp on your device?

Coo coo Whatsapp application is not available to download on the Google play store but don’t worry, we have got the latest apk file for you on this website. Just look for the download button, click on it, and it will start downloading.

Here is the simple method to download and install Coo Coo WhatsApp on your device.

  • Go to your Device settings.
  • Make sure that the installation from unknown resources option is enabled.
  • Backup your data completely
  • Uninstall your original WhatsApp application
  • Download the latest version of the coco WhatsApp file from this page
  • Locate the apk file on your device
  • TAP on the apk file and click on the install button below
  • Allow access to your storage, contacts, and location.
  • Enter your phone number to create the account
  • Wait for OTP, Enter OTP, your profile name, and it’s done
  • Now you’re on the main screen of Coo Coo Whatsapp, enjoy its features.

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Can I use coco WhatsApp as a secondary app on my device?

Yes, definitely, you can use Coo coo WhatsApp and original WhatsApp on your device simultaneously. Just make sure you’re using two different numbers.

What to do if the Coco WhatsApp is not working?

If you find your app not working, then uninstall the old version of Coo coo Whatsapp and replace it with a new one for smooth performance.

How to update the Coo coo Whatsapp?

There is no auto-update feature for Coo coo Whatsapp. You will have to install the updated version from any third-party website and replace it with the old one. Always download the new version of Whatsapp Mods applications to avoid any problems.

Final Words:

Coo Coo WhatsApp is an entertaining and attractive application full of exciting features. You will definitely enjoy its advanced features like customization, privacy options, video call filters, etc. Share the application with your family and friends. Download Coo Coo Whatsapp and other latest Whatsapp Mods from

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