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If you are a coin master user then you definitely know about coin master events. If you don’t know about the coin master events then allow me to tell you about it. Coin master offers its users some premium events and tournaments, in which they can participate and can earn more spins, coins, gold, and other items. For winning the event, first of all, you must have to participate in the event. And to win the event you must be prepared for that. So, for making it easy for you we are sharing the coin master event list 2022 with you. By following this list you can win almost all events. Moreover, we’ll also discuss how to win the coin master event easily.

Coin Master Event List 2022

Here is the complete list of upcoming events of coin master, in which you can participate and can win more spins, coins, money, gold, and rewards.

    • Village Mania
    • Coin Craze
    • Sea of Fortune
    • Tournament Milestone
    • Tournament
    • Gift Master
    • Special Events
    • Attack Madness
    • Raid Madness
    • Village Master
    • Bet Blast

  • Cards Boom
  • Gold Card Trade
  • Balloon Frenzy
  • Viking Quest
  • Set Blast
  • Viking Quest missions and rewards
  • Event error

Popular Coin Master Event List

In this section, we’ll cover all the famous and daily events with details and winning strategies. If you will follow the strategies carefully then you can earn a lot with the help of these events. So, let’s start with the events.

Village Master Event

Village master is one of the most popular and daily events of the game. Here is the village master event link and with the help of this link, you can participate in this event. This event is visible for 30-60 minutes daily and by participating in this event you can earn 20-100 free spins. During this event, if you upgrade a village you will receive extra bonuses, coins, rewards, and spins.

Attack Madness

This is also a very popular event of coin master. In this event, you will attack other villages and if your attack will be successful then you will earn more rewards like extra free spins, a bunch of coins, and much more.

Cards Boom

In this event of coin master, you will receive 30-50% more cards from the chest. For example, if you get a golden chest then you will receive 6 cards and so on. This event is offered by coin master twice a week.

Bet Blast

This is also a very popular event of coin master. In this event, you can bet with game currency such as coins or gold. If you win the event and beat others and defend your village then your awards will be doubled. Moreover, if you win this event then you will also earn more rewards and gifts.

Viking Quest

Viking Quest is another mini-game inside the coin master. In this event, you get a golden slot that you can use for getting more coins, gold, and prizes. For getting to this event, you have to spend more coins, you earn in the game.

Set Blast

This is a limited-time event. Within the time period of this event, if you collect the card sets and keep them then you will earn a lot of rewards, coins, free spins, and much more.

Jackpot Madness Event

Jackpot madness is also amazing which is based on bets. If you make more bets then you will get access to this event. In this event, you get a lot more rewards, coins, free spins, premium spins, and much more.

Gold Card Trade

This event is quite helpful in collecting card sets and completing card sets. If you are searching for a card then this event can very helpful for you. This is also a limited-time event, in which you can trade cards with others. And there are many chances to get your final gold card to complete the card set.

Raid Madness

This is the same event as attack madness. In this event, you will see a bar on the top of your screen. If you raid on friends and fellow Vikings on different stages then you can avail of this event. And in this event, you will get many fantastic and amazing rewards.

Gift Master

This reward is based on purchases. If you make purchases in the game then this event will be unlocked. And every time if you purchase spins or coins you will receive some kind of gift containing more spins, coins, gold, etc.


In this game, you will also get access to tournaments. In tournaments, you will compete with other coin master users and if you win then at the end you will receive a lot of rewards. After winning each tournament your level will be upgraded and more stuff will be unlocked.

Special Events

Special Events in the game can be unlocked by completing different tasks in the game. These events are not fixed on time or date. For example, if you complete 3 levels of the game and complete three villages then you will receive a special event of free spins and coins. Moreover, if you level up the game then you will also receive many exciting prizes.

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