How to Freeze Your WhatsApp Last seen? [Secret Trick]

Some people have this weird habit of inspecting others last seen. It could be your friends, your family, relatives or work people. This stalking thing can sometimes be annoying. That’s why messaging apps like Whatsapp have introduced privacy features for their users. There could be any reason behind freezing your last seen but make sure you do it right.

The WhatsApp application offers its customers a lot of privacy features which tends users to download the application. Features like end-to-end encryption, storing your chats on Google drive, and more. All these options are under user control via Whatsapp settings.

For instance, if you are busy or don’t want to reply to a certain person and continuously see your last seen changing, things can get pretty awkward. To stop letting others know when you were last online, you can utilize the freeze/hide “Last Seen” feature of Whatsapp.

If you’re new to Whatsapp and don’t know how to freeze or turn off your last seen on Whatsapp, then this article will rescue you. Just make sure to follow it until the end; it doesn’t matter whether you’re an Android user or an IOS user; this article will explain the method to freeze last seen on Whatsapp for every supported device.

Whatever reason you have to freeze or hide your Whatsapp last seen, you can do it easily by following the simple 4-step guide below.

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How to Freeze Your Whatsapp “Last Seen”

In order to turn off or freeze your last seen, the user has to navigate to Whatsapp Privacy settings.

When you land on privacy settings, you could be able to freeze your last seen and hide it from everybody.

Once your last seen is hidden other people will not be able to check when you were last online on the Whatsapp application. But doing this will also prevent you from viewing others last seen, so keep that in your mind.

But there’s this trick which you can use if you want to view someone’s last seen unless they have turned it off for their contacts.


The trick is to switch your privacy settings for last seen from nobody to everybody or my contacts and switch it back to nobody again before getting offline.

Now let’s get to our procedure of freezing WhatsApp last seen.

  • Step 1: Go to WhatsApp Settings

Your first step is to go to your Whatsapp application settings.

Under setting, you’ll find multiple options related to the WhatsApp setting.

At the top, you will find “Accounts.”

Go to Accounts, and under accounts, you’ll find privacy.

  • Step 2: Tap on “Privacy”

In the privacy tab, you’ll find the option to freeze your last seen.

There are 3 options for privacy in the privacy tab

1. Last seen

2. Profile photo

3. About

  • Step 3: Tap on “Last Seen”

You have to click on the last seen and pop up will appear with 3 options, i.e., nobody, my contacts, and everyone.

  • Step 4: Change last seen to “Nobody”

You have to select nobody from that menu, and your Whatsapp last seen will be hidden from everybody on the Whatsapp platform.

Now your last seen is fixed, and other people won’t be able to view it. You can change it back to my contacts or everyone whenever you want; just follow the same process you did as previously. Next, we are going to discuss how we can freeze our last seen on an apple or IOS device.

Freeze WhatsApp Last Seen with WhatsApp Mods

WhatsApp nods are the modified versions of WhatsApp. These mods come with unique features that help users tackle some problems that the original WhatsApp does not. WhatsApp mods come with special features like changing themes, changing backdrops, changing fonts, downloading status, freezing last seen, and many more. 

Many WhatsApp mods can help you freeze last seen. You can easily download them from OG WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and GB WhatsApp. You can also visit playapkpro to see more of our helpful content regarding your WhatsApp problems.

How to Freeze Last Seen on GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is a fantastic WhatsApp mod. It comes with unique features that help you customize your WhatsApp and control your privacy the way you want with passwords and locks. If you want to download GBWhatsApp click on the link. here is how you can freeze your last seen on GB WhatsApp.

  • Open your GB WhatsApp.
  • Click on the three dots on the top corner.
  • Tab on Settings.
  • Select account.
  • Now, select Privacy.
  • In Privacy, choose Last Seen, and select everyone.
  • Go back to the home of GB WhatsApp.
  • Again tab on the three dots on the top corner.
  • This time select GB Settings.
  • Now choose Privacy and Security.
  • There enable Hide Last Seen.
  • Your last seen is frozen.

How to freeze my Whatsapp last seen on iPhone?

Both android and IOS devices have the same procedure to freeze the last seen on Whatsapp. If you’re an IOS user, you can freeze your last seen by following the step below.

  • Open Whatsapp on your iPhone.
  • Go to Whatsapp setting on your IOS device.
  • Under Settings, you will find the “Privacy” option.
  • The privacy tab has the option to freeze your last seen.
  • Please set it to nobody, and your last seen is frozen to other Whatsapp users.

Can we freeze our timestamp on WhatsApp?

Yes, Whatsapp gives its users the option to freeze timestamp.

To freeze your timestamp.

  • First, you have to navigate to the settings of your Whatsapp application.
  • Then Go to privacy, in which you will find the last seen option; just select nobody from all the options given.
  • Now your timestamp is frozen to other Whatsapp users.

There is another option of My contacts which allows only those people to view your timestamp / last seen, which are added in your contacts; you can try this if you’re not hiding from your contacts.

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Is it possible that Whatsapp shows the wrong last seen?

Yes, the last seen Whatsapp showing can be wrong.

This situation happens when the Whatsapp application is still running in the background even if you’re not using it and you appear online to other people.

To avoid this situation and save yourself, force stop WhatsApp before you exit the application.

Doing this will make sure that your “Last Seen” is always accurate.

Final Words

There can be multiple possibilities of hiding your last seen. Maybe you don’t want people to know about your online appearance, or perhaps you’re avoiding a specific person, or maybe you’re a slow texter who usually replies late.

But if your last seen is visible to other people, they might start thinking that you’re ignoring them on purpose, and you don’t want them to consider this.

That’s why the freezing last seen feature of Whatsapp is here for your rescue. Just freeze or hide our last seen and think as much as you want before replying to a text.

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