GBWhatsApp APK Download v19.35.3 (Updated) Aug 2022

Even if WhatsApp is designed with outstanding features, it still needs many significant modifications that people may want; this is where the GB WhatsApp apk comes in. WhatsApp lacks various features like being unable to see deleted texts, and catching the hidden status of users & Themes. GB Whatsapp Download 2022 new version is packaged with all those advanced features.

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GB WhatsApp heymods is an alternative and modified version for WhatsApp users, or we can say a mod from the original WhatsApp application. It expands all the properties that WhatsApp has and also that the original application may lack. Up till now, many other tweaked versions of WhatsApp have been introduced, for example, WhatsApp plus, Yo WhatsApp, and FM WhatsApp Download.

All of these include many characteristics that the official application lacks. GB WhatsApp is a messenger app that is very similar to the original App. It consists of the contracted files that can be unofficial to the rules of the original WhatsApp application, but it has many boosted functions.

It provides very convenient and advantageous functions with endless customization. It protects the user’s privacy and lets him enjoy numerous features. It supports multiple accounts.




Background of GBWhatsapp Apk

GB WhatsApp apk is originally a mod of the original WhatsApp application. It was developed by a senior member of XDA(a forum for android developers) named Has.007. Most of the properties are from WhatsApp Plus; if we recall history, WhatsApp-Plus was banned by the original WhatsApp application.

This alternative of WhatsApp permits us to change and alter the designs and characteristics according to us.

Useful Details

  • Numerous customization options
  • A large amount of emojis and themes
  • Many options for the control of privacy
  • Multiple file sharing option

App Permissions

  • Connection with internet
  • Contact Access
  • Location Access
  • Wi-Fi is suggested
  • Access to the phone storage, gallery, camera, etc.
  • Identity of gadget
  • Access permission for external storage

Features of GB Whatsapp Download Apk

The most exciting feature of GBWhatsApp is supporting various accounts in the same application. The company allows to purchase of the themes and updates them. Whether you are Chinese, Spanish, Hindi or English, it supports several languages including hindi where its called जीबी व्हाट्सएप.

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Provides us with an amazing feature of supporting the file size up to 50 MB; this feature is absent in Original WhatsApp. And other significant features are the following.

  • Secured privacy
  • Auto Reply feature
  • Change font color and style
  • Active status can be hidden
  • Cool stickers from google play
  • Double ticks on the message delivery can be hided
  • Blue ticks show that message had been read. they can be hided
  • Last seen can be hidden from the selected contacts
  • 35 characters for naming group
  • WhatsApp status can be saved
  • The status of the contacts can be copied
  • Supports every type of file
  • Supports 255-character length for status while regular WhatsApp allows 139 characters.
  • can send the broadcast to 600 people instead of 250
  • Selected status can be copied
  • Click on any link without saving several senders
  • Differentiate average and broadcast messages
  • Using the application, one can call from the phone contacts also
  • Can change the style of ticks & style of bubbles
  • Can change any feature we want to
  • Pinning of chats is not restricted to 3
  • can show the tabs for the contacts in different style options
  • Can send up video to 50 MB
  • Can send clips of audio to 100 MB, not 16
  • The limit of sending 30 images is increased up to 90 images at a time.
  • Can disable auto image saving.
  • While copying messages can hide the date and name.
  • Can change the theme.
  • Can hide recording status
  • 7 minutes duration of status video
  • Best icons to launch
  • Can connect WhatsApp on the computer through WhatsApp web
  • Feature for data backup
  • Can enable WhatsApp
  • Can hide the typing status
  • Huge collection of GIFs
  • A log is also provided
  • Schedule of the message given
  • Have update that cannot be a ban
  • Can fix the bugs.
  • It is an Anti-Ban APK Version
  • In a group chat, one can privately reply to the group members.

Benefits of the Latest GB WhatsApp Apk Version

One can have dual accounts on the same application. One can hide our active status. Sharing file sizes and several pictures simultaneously is a very advanced feature that saves our time and energy. We can apply passwords to the chats we do not want to display on our main WhatsApp screen.

Can hide the chats and messages. Can delete messages on both sides. Downloading others’ statuses is the most significant feature; one can download our favorite statuses. Those whom we do not want to see our last seen can be prohibited selectively. Can upload more extended video status, and one can make, create, and update the theme as well.

We can copy the status. Can send longer voice clips. Can set typing and recording status. Multiple collections of emojis, stickers, and a variety of GIFs. For WhatsApp videos, you can also use another app to play them. Besides all the benefits, it gives a guarantee of a privacy policy. 

GBWA prevents the protection of the vital information of the user from getting leaked and being a fraud. Information of IP addresses, from which service the internet is provided, links count, and all other types of log files are used to administrate the website, inspect the people’s activities, and several users. And this information is not leaked. It also follows the rights of privacy by CCPA and GDPR.

Original WhatsApp Vs GBWhatsapp

Although GB WhatsApp is the alternative to the original version, still it has a leading platform in the market just because it has the most updated and advanced features. It has many features that the original WhatsApp lack.

They are almost the same in most features like interface, messages sending and receiving, and installation. Little comparison is given here. 


  • Does not allow to download status.
  • Voice messages can be sent up to 16 MB.
  • All the media can be sent off 16 MB in size.
  • Thirty pictures can be selected at a time.
  • Message deleted for everyone is deleted permanently.
  • Active status can not be off.
  • Thirty seconds duration of status of video.
  • Recording and typing status cannot be hidden.
  • Supports 139 characters of status length.
  • Autoreply Is only for business.
  • No password for specific chats or contacts.
  • Can pin up to 3 chats.
  • Log in not provided.

GB Whatsapp

  • Allows to copy and download status.
  • Voice messages can be sent of 100MB size.
  • Supports video size of 50 MB.
  • Supports 90 pictures at a time.
  • Deleted messages can be seen.
  • Active status can be put off for selected contacts.
  • Seven minutes duration of a status video.
  • One can hide recording and active status.
  • The status characteristics limit is 255.
  • Supports autoreply.
  • Passwords can be enabled.
  • More than three contacts can be pinned.
  • Log in provided.

How to Download & Install GB WhatsApp Update?

Download the GB Whatsapp from here

Please make sure your mobile has enough space for this App.

Please Enable the security settings to download unknown apps.

install gbwhatsapp apk on mobile, gb whatsapp download

After downloading, install the App from the destination folder on your android device.

gb whatsapp download , gb whatsapp


After installation, sign in with the phone number.

Enter the OTP after entering the number.

Now change the features according to your preferences.

you can also check a more detailed guide on how to update gb whatsapp.

How to install GBWhatsApp on iPhone?

We can not use GB WhatsApp directly on iPhone because it is not an authorized application. And it does not follow the privacy policy of apple store and google play store. However, there are many alternative ways one can use to install it on iPhone.

Here is described how will you install it.

  • First, open the browser of your Iphone.
  • And download the APK file for GB WhatsApp Pro.
  • After downloading, click on the APK file and install it. Then after installing, go to the settings on your iPhone.
  • Then from settings to privacy and then device and profile management.
  • On the profile, click on the trust icon.
  • After that, go to your home screen and click on GB WhatsApp.
  • After opening, enter your mobile number and complete your profile.
  • Then enjoy the best features of GB WhatsApp.

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How to install GBWhatsApp on PC?

Since the original WhatsApp offers a web version, so it becomes very convenient for users to use it on PC, but when it comes to GB WhatsApp download apk, it cannot be directly installed on PC. We will have to use an emulator of android for that purpose. We can install it by following these steps:

  • Download Blue stacks or any other emulator of android on your PC.
  •  After downloading its .exe file, go to the location where it is downloaded and install it.
  • Download the APK file of GB WhatsApp from your browser.
  •  Now open the blue stack and tap the GB WhatsApp APK option.
  • Open the APK file location.
  • Now install the GB WhatsApp by clicking on the APK file.
  •  After installation, open GB WhatsApp.
  • Enter and verify your mobile number and enjoy its features.

How to backup GBWhatsApp?

Open GBWhatsapp and go to settings. Select back up to save your chats and data. It will also include the option of backup after how many times. You can select after how many times you want to back up. It will backup automatically after that period.

  • Backup of the data is a must to save your chats and files.
  • Uninstall the WhatsApp application you are using and download GB WhatsApp.
  • Enable download from the unknown option in your phone settings.

Disadvantages of GBWhatsApp

  • Even though privacy is given but still not sure; it is not an open-source application, so no other person or coder can edit its code.
  • It is not beneficial to share vital information like credit card numbers, codes, passwords, pictures, and other important information. The surety is not given that no other person is reading and getting our information.
  • Although it has a strong defense against banning but still not sure that it won’t be banned in the future.
  • It is not present on apple or google store because they do not follow the privacy and rules of these stores. These stores restrict them.
  • A lot of risk of viruses and malware. Because it does not have secured channels and does not get any responsibility in case of leakage of information.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How can I download GB WhatsApp?

You can download its apk from playapkpro or any other internet source but not on google play store and apple play store because it is banned there.

Can I use Dual Whatsapp On the Same Mobile Phone? 

Yes, it’s entirely up to you that you want to keep both versions, and they don’t hurt the functionality of the app at all!

Is GB WhatsApp secure to use?

NO, it is a third-party application, which does not follow privacy and rules. Also, there is a risk of viruses and blocking.

Is GB WhatsApp Banned?

As it is not the original application and a modified version so it is banned by the official app platforms.


It is not denied that GB WhatsApp apk download is one of the best applications of WhatsApp. Compare to official applications, and it provides fascinating and compatible features and different functions.

But still, it’s just an alternative to the official application. Its most important feature is to use it with the official App, which means we can connect with the people who are using the official application. But its disadvantages can not be ignored. The banned accounts from GBWhatsApp Download notify that it is not reliable but the continuous updates from its developers like XDA and HeyMods are making sure it stays secure!