Google Play Store For Linux Pc Download

Are you having a linux pc and want to run Google Play on the operating system? How about playing games on linux?

The play store is essentially a platform for Android phones to download the latest and various apps with simple and straightforward access. However, there is no other platform with plenty of Apps like the play store. Every Android phone has a built-in play store, but in Linux PC, the criteria change because you have to provide an Android environment first. This is done by an Anbox emulator, a tool that will put your Android OS into a container. This tool will also abstract the hardware access and has core system service into Linux. 

Once after the download of the play store with the help of Anbox on your Linux PC, you will be able to run Android apps on your Linux PC. Anbox emulator also provides an interface similar to the Android operating system and you can use this on your Linux Pc. Before Android emulators, the majority of people use Bluestacks to run Android apps on their PC, but with the Anbox emulator, access to Android apps gets easy and convenient. Learn the ways to install the Play Store with the help of an Anbox emulator on your Linux PC below. 

How To Install Play Store On Linux Pc?

There are some of the key points to install a Play Store using an Anbox emulator on your Linux PC. The key points are:

  • Open a browser on your Linux Pc and visit the website ” “
  • Scroll down the page and click on the install Anbox button.
  • When the Anbox emulator is downloaded, go to the setting.
  • Then go to the security option.
  • Then go for the device administration.
  • Enable Apps from unknown resources just like the Android device. 
  • Then go to the browser, type in the address field as Play Store APK and click on the search bar.
  • Now, open any trusty website to download the latest version of the Play Store on your Linux PC.
  • Then with the same method, you have to install Google play service APK from any trustworthy website.
  • Then wait for the installation of the Play Store on your Linux PC.
  • After installation, you can easily access any Android app just like an Android phone. 

How To Download Google Play Store For Linux Pc Via ARChon?

ARChon is created by Vlad Filippov, a specialized version of the Android runtime that works on the desktop version of Chrome. As it is designed especially for Chrome OS, so you can easily run an unlimited number of Android APKs on any of the desktops which have the support of Chrome. Vladikoff created this ARChon custom runtime only for the Windows OS and OS X and Linux OS to run any Android apps. If you want to install the ARChon custom runtime on your PC, you should have Chrome 37+.


  • You should have a Google Chrome Web browser with a stable internet connection.
  • ARChon runtime installed on Google Chrome.
  • A modified APK android app package for testing purposes. 

How To Install ARChon On Linux Pc:

There are some simple and essential key points to install the ARChon custom runtime on the Linux PC. The key point to install ARChon custom is:

  • Download ARChon custom runtime according to your architecture 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • Open your file manager and go to the download directory where you download the zip file.
  • Extract the ARChon custom by using right-click.
  • Rename the newly created folder as ARChon.
  • Move the newly named folder to your home directory.

How To Add ARChon To Chrome?

To run the ARChon custom runtimes on your chrome, you should have to add the ARChon to Chrome. This will enable you to access the desiring Android apps on your Linux PC. To add ARChon to Chrome, follow the points mentioned here:

  • Open Chrome on your PC.
  • Click on the three horizontal bars on the top right corner.
  • Select more tools > Extensions.
  • Click to enable developer mode.
  • Click Load Unpacked Extension.
  • Go to your home directory.
  • Select ARChon custom runtime.
  • Click to open the ARChon custom runtime on your Pc.
  • Now, ARChon will appear in the list of Google Extensions.

Google Play Store is also available for:

The Google Play store is also available for the following devices such as:

  • PC
  • APK for Android
  • Mac
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry
  • IOS
google play store available for


The above installation process of the Play Store on your Linux Pc to run Android apps will be helpful for you. The Anbox emulator is probably used to run Android apps on PC, but it might not work on all the games and apps and some apps will continue to stop work after installation. But the Anbox is the simplest and most convenient way to run Google Play Store on the Linux PC.

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