How to Fix Google Play Store Not Updating Issue? [sol]

Google play store is the default and the main app store for android devices and mobile phones. Google Play Store is a very useful application that lets you download and install a lot of apps all in one location. The apps provided by the Google Play Store are verified by Google so that you can download them without any problems. The app can be downloaded with complete confidence since it is malware-free.

There are several reasons why apps can stop working and show problems. Almost every one of them can face crashes in certain situations. It is due to various issues and bugs in the app that cause them to show errors.

Today we will be talking about the Google play store not updating. In this article, I will tell you some possible solutions for fixing the Google play store not updating.

How to Fix Google Play Store Not Updating Issue

Below I have given some possible solutions for the issue of the Google play store not updating that might help you solve the problem and get your Google play store back on track. Read and follow each step carefully to avoid further complications and problems.

Wait for some time

Maybe this problem is coming because of some temporary server issue. Wait for some time and try updating again after some time.

Restarting the phone

  • Hold the power button.
  • Two options will come, turn off or restart
  • Select restart. That will restart your phone.
Fix Google Play Store Not Updating Issue by restarting

Restarting the phone will not only refresh the phone, but it will also refresh your Google play store and will get rid of any issue causing the Google play store not to update.

Turning Wi-Fi on and off

  • Go to the phone’s setting.
  • Open wireless & networks.
  • Open Wi-Fi, and turn it off.
  • After a few seconds, turn it on.
Fix Google Play Store Not Updating Issue by turningwifi on and off

The problem might be with the internet connection. Try turning off the Wi-Fi of your phone and turning it on again. It might also be because of low internet speed. Wait for a while for the speed of the internet to increase, and then try updating the app.

Check date and time settings

  • Open your phone’s settings
  • Go to system and open date & time settings
  • Select the automatic date & time
Fix Google Play Store Not Updating Issue by setting date and time

Date and time might sound simple date and time, but the wrong date and time can affect the performance of your phone. This will ultimately affect the app’s performance. The wrong date and time might cause a problem in syncing the app. Setting the date and time will solve the problem and let Google play store update.

Free up some space

  • Go to the phone’s settings.
  • Open the storage.
  • Click on the storage cleaner tab, and clean the files.
  • You can also use any app that performs the same function.

Google play store might not be updated because of the shortage of space. By deleting unwanted files like photos, videos, documents, and useless apps, you can free some space and update the Google play store

Updating the Android operating system

  • Go to your phone’s settings
  • Open system settings
  • Go to system updates
  • If there are any updates, update your operating system
Fix Google Play Store Not Updating Issue by updating the system

With every new update, the company releases new patches and bug fixes that exist to prevent problems such as this from occurring. Keeping the operating system up to date is important. This is because the Play Store might stop working if you do not update the previous version.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my Google play not updating?

Your Google play store might not be updating due to some issues like server issues, internet connectivity problems, or maybe a shortage of space. I have given the solution to these problems above. You can check the article to get the solutions and solve the problem.

How can I update my Google play store?

Google play store will automatically update itself. If you can’t update it, then that is because of some issues and errors. Don’t worry. I have already talked about those problems and the issues above. You can read the article to see what problem you are facing and update your Google play store.


You’ve probably encountered a problem with the Google Play Store at some point. Whether it’s a missing app, crashes, or an error message, you are still able to get it working. Just like those error fixes, you can quickly fix the Google play store, not updating errors.

All you need is a bit of patience and hustle to get rid of this problem and get your Google play store updated.

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