OG WhatsApp Pro APK Download Version 20.20 AntiBan – 2022

In the era of the Modern generation, no one can neglect the role of WhatsApp. But sometimes it’s hard to comply with its features this is where OG Whatsapp Apk download comes into the market. This app source code is based on WhatsApp but it has some extra crazy features which allow you to hide your status,  make calls to unsaved contacts customize WhatsApp colors, message scheduler, and status download.

Owing to these modified features OG Whatsapp plus became very popular in a short span of time but sadly you will not find it easily over the internet so we are making it easier for you. We have provided the downloading link of this app below so you can enjoy the extra functionalities and impress your friends.

What Exactly OG WhatsApp APK is? 

OG WhatsApp APK is the most secure, reliable, and safe mod version of the official WhatsApp application. It includes all the basic features of the original WhatsApp with the interesting new features that the original version lacks.

Its working is almost the same as the original version and works very smoothly. OG WhatsApp APK is an anti-ban and comes with the most reliable features compared to GB WhatsApp 2022 and WhatsApp plus; even those mods claim to be anti-ban, but that was not true. The developers are working continuously and making up its updated versions.

By giving good highlights for the security and safety of the customers, it lags other mods behind.


OG WhatsApp APK is being updated continuously, and its features are changing concerning the needs of the time. All of the versions have some updated features from their previous ones. OGWhatsApp pro of version 11 having base is the version of this app. The other versions up till now are :


OGWhatsApp APK is designed with the most beneficial features and is a mod of WhatsApp. Even though the official resources do not develop it, it still guarantees users’ safety and security. It is a helpful tool for using Two numbers in a single WhatsApp subsequently. It supports autoreply, downloading and copying others’ status, hiding last seen and active with many other customization options that make it unique.

Features of OGWhatsaApp Apk

Telling about the features will give people to decide what they need to make decisions accordingly. OG WhatsApp Pro comes with many features with each of its updated versions. All the components come with privacy protection and customization. Here is the review for some of its features:

  • Anti-Ban Mod of WhatsApp.
  • Can send 90 images at a time.
  • Can use two WhatsApp on a single cell phone
  • Support backup for conversation
  • Supports 250 words for status
  • Can schedule the messages for a specific contact
  • Status can be downloaded and copied
  • Can set the group name up to 35 Characters
  • Can call the people via phone number without saving them
  • Can use a password for special chats
  • Supports numerous emojis and different languages
  • Can customize icons
  • Can block calls from selected contacts
  • Different versions with new updates regularly
  • Video calling and group video calling
  • Background and fonts customization
  • Can hide last seen and active status
  • Hide delivery and seen message; in other words, double ticks and blue ticks.
  • Can hide typing and recording status
  • Send a message selectively to the member of a group.

Features of latest versions

  • New design for setting.
  • New emojis and base.
  • Themes and new stickers added.
  • Fixed all the crashes from the previous version.

Remember Must: 

  • Back of the data is a must to save your chats and files.
  • Uninstall the WhatsApp application you are using and download OG WhatsApp.
  • Enable download from the unknown option in your phone settings.


  • More customization.
  • Advance features.
  • Security
  • Smooth and reliable use
  • Advantageous sharing options
  • Password-protected chats.
  • The larger size of the file to share
  • Numerous emojis, themes, and backgrounds.
  • Call blocking
  • Active, last seen, recording, typing status off.
  • All the features discussed above are also included in its pros.


  • Although it is secure and safe to use, it does not come from official and authorized resources.
  • Google play store and apple store do not support it.
  • A third-party app, so one needs to be careful about our protection.
  • It is Anti-ban, but maybe in the future
  • It is also possible that it will be banned.
  • But from the years of its creation to till now, it is anti-Ban.

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How to install OGWhatsApp Apk on Android Devices?

install ogwhatsapp on mobile

  • Go to the settings of your phone and open security settings.
  • Then allow the option to install the app from unknown sources.
  • Then Click Here to get the apk file
  • After installation, open your WhatsApp and enter your phone number.
  • Verify phone number by entering the OTP sent by the company.
  • Now customize your profile according to your need.
  • Enjoy the fantastic Features of OG WhatsApp app.

How to install OG WhatsApp on PC?

The major requirements for the installation of OGWhatsApp APK on the computer are running an internet connection, APK file, and android simulator. Here is how you will install WhatsApp Plus on pc.

  • First of all, one needs to download an android emulator.
  • Blue stacks are the best android emulator; download them from the link https://www.bluestacks.com/.
  • Click on the exe file for blue Stacks to start its installation.
  • After installation, complete download the APK link for WhatsApp.
  • First, open blue stacks and click on the option to download the OG WhatsApp APK.
  • Now install OG WhatsApp app by clicking on the APK link.
  • After installation, complete open the application.
  • Enter phone number and OTP sent on phone number after entering your number. And then customize your profile as you want to use it.
  • Enjoy the best features of OG WhatsApp app.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How to install OG WhatsApp on I-phone?

Unfortunately, OG WhatsApp is basically for the pc none of the IOS devices supports it. At the same time, there is another application named OG WhatsApp for IOS that we can use instead of it.

Will OG WhatsApp never ban users?

Maybe yes, unlike other mods, OG WhatsApp does not use any illegal terms against the policy of original WhatsApp, so the account will not be banned.

Can we use original and OG WhatsApp both on the same phone?

Yes, you can; each time you log in to one WhatsApp account, the other will be logged out automatically, and to use that account, you need to log in again.

Is OG WhatsApp safe?

Yes, it is safe as long as we do not go against the policy of original WhatsApp. In terms of privacy and security, it gives us satisfaction. So potentially, it is safe to use.

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A fantastic app with a lot of customization options and user’s friendly. It also gives the security of our privacy. Overcomes the Original WhatsApp with its exciting and modified features that fulfill the demands of users. So, I will suggest from all the modes of WhatsApp this mode is best in terms of security and privacy. So, hurry up and download it if you want to enjoy its unique features.

OG WhatsApp apk is a copy of the original version with some modifications to make its functionality better. It is a third party and does not supported by apple and google play store. By looking at all the outcomes still, it can be concluded that OG WhatsApp gives exciting and most advanced features which the original WhatsApp lacks. It provides us with the safety of our privacy, so it is trustworthy.