WhatsApp Mix apk Download Latest Version July 2021

Whatsapp is an instant chat or messaging app which is very popular around the globe. Worldwide, people utilize WhatsApp to stay connected with their loved ones. A lot of Whatsapp Mods are now available in the market. Each of them has its own unique features and functionalities.

The primary purpose of these Whatsapp Mods is to provide customers with features that are missing from the original application, which can make the WhatsApp application more fun.

The most popular Mods of WhatsApp are GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus. Whatsapp Mods are famous for their extending customization possibilities. Whatsapp mix is another interesting Mod that offers unique features in the trendy application of Whatsapp. If you’re looking to download or explore other Whatsapp Mods, then go through playapkpro and try them out.

WhatsAppMix APK File Information:

Application NameWhatsAppMix
App Versionv11.00.0
App Size42 MB
OS RequirementsAndroid 4 or higher
Latest UpdateTwo days ago

Before you Download the Whatsapp Mix apk on your device, please make sure that your device meets the operating system requirements; otherwise, the app will not be able to work.

What is Whatsapp Mix?

Whatsapp Mix is another popular Mod of Whatsapp designed and developed by a programmer named Nairo. Whatsapp Mix not only provides the new features, but it also provides a mixture of all the features available in all other Whatsapp Mods in a single apk, and it’s absolutely free.

It is much more comfortable for personal use. You can even hide the launcher icon from the home screen and keep the app hidden. Download the Whatsapp Mix application to modify the graphical aspects of your favorite application.

Exciting Features of Whatsapp Mix

  • Multiple Accounts

With Whatsapp Mix’s latest version, you can make and use multiple accounts at a single time. So, as a user, you can enjoy numerous accounts at the same time by entering different numbers on a single WhatsApp. You can make up to 3 accounts on a single Whatsapp mix application on your device.

  • Backup Feature

The backup feature of Whatsapp mix is a life savior. Through its smart backup feature, you can save your personal conversations, important media files, documents, contacts, audios, and any other file with this backup feature of Whatsapp Mix.

  • Online Appearance

You can easily show yourself online any time of the day with this online appearance feature. It enables you to show yourself online to other contacts even if your phone screen is locked. You can stay online in front of other people if your phone is not even in your hands.

  • Hide Private Conversations

Now you don’t have to delete the chats in order to hide them from other people. Yes, you heard it right Whatsapp Mix brings you the feature to hide your secret or private conversations without deleting them.

You can save your chats by using pattern lock over them. Hiding conversation is an excellent feature of Whatsapp Mix. It enables you to keep your business or private conversations safe from other people.

  • DND feature

Enable the DND mode feature of Whatsapp Mix to disconnect yourself from the world when you’re not in the mood. Just enable the do not disturb option, and your WhatsApp will be disconnected from the internet, and you can use the other apps freely without getting disturbed by the messages or calls notifications of Whatsapp. It is a fantastic feature for those who don’t want people to invade their privacy.

  • Download Stories and Statuses

The original WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to save or download your contact’s stories or status. But WhatsApp mix has got this feature at your fingertip. You can easily download any status or story you like with the download stories feature.

  • Customize app icon

If you don’t like that green default icon of Whatsapp, then you can change it with something cool according to your choice. Not only this, but you can also modify the design of the notification bar with different colors and patterns.

  • View Other’s online

If you want to get notified whenever your favorite person gets online, then this feature is available in the Whatsapp mix. A toast appears on the screen, letting you know which person just got online, and the other person will have no idea that you saw that.

  • Large-sized Videos

The original WhatsApp video-sharing size is limited to 16 Mbs, but you can share large video files easily with your friends and family with the WhatsApp mix.

  • More Images

You got from a party and are already tired, but your friends want you to WhatsApp the pictures. The original Whatsapp allows users to send 30 images at a time, but with Whatsapp Mix, you can share 90 photos at a time. Isn’t it cool? It saves a lot of your time and effort. Just select all the pictures at once and send them in a go.

  • Themes

Easily customize your chat colors, wallpapers, and themes with the Whatsapp Mix customization options and themes library. Make your WhatsApp stand out from others in a cool and stylish way.

More features

  • Change the color of white and blue ticks
  • Download new themes and stickers,
  • Resend messages
  • Customize everything
  • Anti-ban security
  • Hide last seen time
  • Select and forward portions of a message
  • New privacy modes
  • Themes library
  • Utilize stickers
  • Modify chat bubbles style
  • Stats and counts for groups
  • Write statuses of up to 250 characters
  • Possibility to click on the status links of your contacts.
  • Hide name and time while copying and forwarding messages

Installation Process of WhatsApp Mix apk

Almost all the Whatsapp Mods have the same installation process. Whatsapp mix apk is not available to download on the Google play store so that you can download the apk from any third-party website.

You can also download the Whatsapp mix apk from the link on this page. After downloading the apk follow the steps below:

  • Go to your device settings. In settings, go to permissions and enable installation from unknown resources.
  • Open file manager on your phone and locate the file. It’s probably in the download folder.
  • When you on it, the install option will appear.
  • Tap on install and wait for the application to install.
  • Launch the app after installation and click on agree, and continue
  • Enter your phone number and OTP, select your profile name, and you’re done.

Advantages of WhatsApp Mix APK

  • 3D UI
  • Easy to use
  • Super-fast app
  • Multiple attractive and unique features
  • User-friendly application

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Mix APK

  • Need more space than other applications
  • A third-party application which means privacy issues
  • Annoying ads


How to download WhatsApp Mix apk?

WhatsApp Mix apk latest version is available to download on this page. Click on the download button you find on this page, and it will start downloading automatically.

 Is Whatsapp mix mod safe to use?

Whatsapp mix is safe from any type of malware or virus. It is entirely safe to install on your device. However, there is a risk of getting banned by Whatsapp Inc. if they find you using any type of Whatsapp Mod, they will ban you. So it is suggested to use a temporary number and a different account.

How to install WhatsApp Mix?

Follow these steps:

  1. Download Whatsapp Mix apk
  2. Find the file on your phone
  3. Click on it and tap install
  4. Wait few seconds, and it’s done.

How to update WhatsApp Mix to the latest version?

Visit the website you’ve downloaded your mod file from. When the update is available, just download the latest version and replace it with the old one.

Final Words

Whatsapp Mix application gives you the opportunity to turn your boring WhatsApp into a lively and entertaining one. The only risk here is your account getting banned. However, it doesn’t happen that often.

Download Whatsapp Mix now and enjoy its nonstop features, and let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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